Overview about Halong Bay of Vietnam

Halong Overview

The name Ha Long was created by French crews who discovered it in the 19th century. Twice, they saw a big and long serpent on the bay. The Serpent was the same as the dragon which was worshipped by the Vietnamese . So , they felt like dragon had descended , and was called “the descending dragon.” From then on, the legend has been handed down for Vietnamese to relate to Ha Long.

The legend said: A long time ago, Vietnam was attacked by foreign agressors. Because God loved Vietnam, God ordered the mother dragon and her children to help Vietnam to fight against the invaders. When the enemy’s vessels launched their massive attacked on Vietnam, the mother dragon and her children descended from the sky. They spat out innumerable pearls to fight the invaders. Vietnam won at last and the invaders were driven out. The mother dragon decided not to return to Heaven, but rather stayed on Earth because the battlefield was such a beautiful place. The place where the mother dragon descended was named Ha Long (Ha: descending, Long: dragon), the place where her children descended was named Bai Tu Long (Bai: attend upon, Tu: children, Long: Dragon), and the place where the dragon’s children wriggled their tails violently was Bach Long Vy (Bach: white-color, Long: dragon, Vy: tail).
This is only a legend. Actually, Ha Long Bay is GOD’s masterpiece and was created by GOD’s hands.

Cruising though Ha Long bay is not only a fascinating experience , but also it is estate . Our boat will take you distance away from crowds tourist boat . We will take you to silent remote parts of Ha Long bay where are still wild natural . Beside , with fresh and calm emerald water . You can discover Ha Long bay by yourself by Kayaks which are equipped on our boats or by Bamboo Boats . They will take you to anywhere if you want , even still some days . You can explore rock arches hidden lagoons , deserted beaches , amazing caves . In there , you can meet native fishers who are catching seafoods or floating fishing villages…..